Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nursery Projects

So, I would call myself a pretty creative person. I love making things and it is my therapy. When I found out we were having a little girl, I had all these ideas of how I wanted to decorate her nursery and the projects I wanted to take on. Here are some pics of what I came up with.

This is a shelf that was made by my Dad and was in the dining room of our last house. It now has all kinds of fun pictures and books. I love how the edge on the left is raw and un-square.

The fairy jar is filled with wishes I have for Elise and special objects I have collected. I look forward to looking at them with her as she gets older and explaining what each means.

I think as he gets older we will mark the places she has been on this map- we love to travel and can't wait to show her the world. 

This little house is also a night light and I had the idea making it from Sally Jean and her wonderful book Pretty Little Things. It is filled with vintage bottles that look beautiful when lit from within.

It has thimbles for a fence, a trike parked out front and her initials in old brass letters on top.

This side has vintage millinery leaves and druzy beads on the roof. 

This is a stitch sampler that I was inspired to make from Pam Garrison's Blog. She does amazing work and I had such a great time practicing my stitches. It also has silk flowers, beads, charms, pins, buttons, a drawer pull and old sequins.

I will post more as time permits!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sleep, Sweet Sleep

Have you ever realized how precious sleep can be? I thought I knew how much I loved curling up into bed and getting a good 8 hour rest until we had Elise. Now I really can appreciate what it means to get a full night.

Last night I awoke with a start and realized Elise had been asleep for 6 hours! She wasn't stirring so once I checked to see she was still breathing, I rolled back over and drifted back to dreamland. She awoke for a feeding an hour later totaling 7 hours of glorious sleep. After many, many nights of feeding her every 3 hours, I think we are getting over the hump. I hope it wasn't a fluke.

Our first sleeping through the night took place on Feb 2, Groundhog Day. Maybe not only winter is coming to an end, but so are our sleepless nights.