Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jacob Turns 1 Month

Mister Mouse is now one month old. In some ways time has flown and in others it has dragged by. Particularly at 3am when I have woken up for the third time since 9pm. We have realized that the little mouse has two dimples and is much fairer skinned than his sister. He is growing like a weed (10lbs 8oz at two weeks old) and is now in three month clothes. We are still pretty much waking up every 2 to 3 hours at night to our dismay. He has also started making little chirping and cooing noises that we love. Elise loves him, even though sometimes she tries to poke his eyes, and she is always asking where Baby Jacob is. She likes to say "Baby Jacob cries" to which I say "We all cry sometimes".
Thats where this family of four is at the end of the first month.


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