Thursday, June 21, 2012

Some antique store findings

I regularly go to antique stores in my area for inspiration and for useful materials. I have been using vintage watch tins and pill boxes in my jewelry lately so many of my purchases have revolved around that. Since our baby should be here in a month or so, I am furiously finding supplies that I can use when it is much more difficult to get out of the house. It took a year before I was ready to make these kinds of outings after I had Elise.  I went to Plant City, Fl last week and here are my finds!

Lots of watch tins, vintage embroidered pieces, fossils and an amazing piece of ribbon.

My favorite tin of the day. Beautiful patina and graphics. The lid is hard to open, but I think a little oil and sanding could help that.

Loving the mix of tins!

Have I mentioned the ribbon yet? No? Well it is amazing! It is a gorgeous cobalt blue and oh so silky! I imagined the uses for it, a beauty pageant grand prize winner, a military sash, a belt around a Victorian Lady's tiny waist. Who knows, but it certainly makes me happy to dream!
Hope you enjoyed looking at my findings!

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