Monday, August 6, 2012

A Collection Of Paper

Another of my weaknesses is a love for vintage papers. I love the yellowing on the edges, the different textures, the perfect handwriting...I could go on and on. Some I use for projects and the ones that I cant bear to part with just get touched and admired. Here are some of the papers that are inspiring me lately:

Type cabinet drawer label, glasinine bag with the perfect piece of gold tape, old pocket notebook that I was sure contained a made up secret language until I realized it was just in shorthand (*blush* I mean who knew it was symbols like that??), pinwheel on ledger paper, slide negative, ticket, resined ledger paper, tarot card (love the plaid), more ledger paper, flashcard, resined pinwheels, gummed label, another flashcard, vintage postage and a prescription envelope. 
All different ages and textures and all equally inspiring. Well except for the notebook- that is a little more amazing than the rest.

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