Friday, August 3, 2012

The Items Behind The Banner

I made a little collage of items for my new blog banner. I had to cut out quite a few things due to the size constraints of the banner, so I thought you might like looking at what I put together. I love looking at vignettes made by others and I always wish they would tell the stories behind the items a little bit. Let me know if you want to know more about something!! 

Here is the full photo. Everything rests on kraft paper with soft polka dots, old 1890s paper with beautiful handwriting, vintage flash card and a photo of a children's athletic team. I think it is a track team, but it is a little hard to tell.

A vintage glass button with gold highlights, a smoky blue faux quartz necklace I made, vintage rhinestone chain, old glass cabochons and brass pill box on a hand crocheted quilt square.  

An old feather facintaor, a piece of terminated quartz, a resin pendant with a Victorian button, two glass buttons with gold highlights, another resin necklace, two medallions- one of paper in resin and the other in gold linen and a cross pin.

Finally: an old watch tin that is rusted shut, a button with markasite and a piece of citrine (I think). In the background there is a vintage Fleur De Lis applique that I absolutely love and a piece of paste jewelry.

Everything sets on an old silver serving tray that I use for shows. I picked it up at the Salvation Army a couple of years ago and I love the patina it has.

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