Saturday, September 15, 2012

Love Bug and Perfect

I have been able to create a couple new pages lately. Slowly I feel I am getting some sense of my creativity back. Much faster than with our little Elise. I think it helps to have little projects like this to do that don't take a ton of time or energy. These clear my mind and are not too stressful.
I look a little goofy in this one, but it is so hard to catch Elise with this face that I just had to use it!

A little vellum envelope hides some journaling.

I love Jacob's perfect little ears. Well, really I love everything about him!

I love those little wood stars.

Thanks for humoring me!


  1. I love close up photos and you featured them beautifully.

  2. Such beautiful layouts! Love the one titled "Perfect" with those adorable letter stamps around the photo! Beautifully done!