Monday, January 21, 2013

A New Year A Fresh Start- Smash Journal

Last year I started something called a Smash Journal. It was a way to get down my inspiration, glue in pictures and write random thoughts. I have never been a journaler in the sense that I write in it every day, but I have always been a collector. Old ticket stubs, interesting business cards, magazine clippings, photographs and more always seem to end up in piles around my house. Well, I decided to do something about it in 2012 and I ended up loving the process. You would never call them art journals, but they are as close as I have ever gotten!
Here are some shots of my pretty full Smash Journal. 

I titled this one "Inspired" because I felt like I finally got back some of my creative inspiration. I misted, doodled, stamped and splattered my cover and it evolved a bit over the year.

Some of my favorite photos of my jewelry.

Lovely lace and one of my new obsessions: glitter tape.

Coveted washi tape.

My 2012 goals (and results). I will show you 2013's goals in a post soon.

Pretty full.

My 2013 cover. Fresh, new, my year to create. Create a new life for my family, create new projects and new opportunities and create new things that make me happy.

Lovely layers.

I am already filling up pages. Dreaming, creating...

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  1. This gives me so many ideas for my own smash journal! So are indeed inspireD.