Friday, January 11, 2013

The Dollhouse

I previously mentioned the the dollhouse I was planning on fixing up for Elise for Christmas. Well after months of work, it was finished (well almost) just in time for Christmas. I am pretty happy with how it turned out and Elise loved it. Here is what we came up with. 

This is the front of the house. It sits on a base my husband made that is on wheels so she can turn it around and play with both sides. We made a little front yard of felt and put some animals on it. I also gave the house a fresh coat of white paint (blue for the trim) and misted some cotton lace in a peach color and glued it around the edges of the house.

This is the back side of the house. I  mostly used Studio Calico papers from their Hey Day collection on the walls. It has a kitchen, living room, master bedroom, living room, bathroom, nursery and kids bedroom.  

These are the secret rooms in the attic that closes up. I decoupaged it with vintage book pages and one of the rooms is for the baby bunnies.

 The front door with sister bunny. The topiary trees are from Michael's Craft Store in their wedding section. They were intended as place card holders but perfect for a dollhouse.

 Mama bunny in her bedroom.

The kitchen. I guess when Jacob gets a little bigger we will have to hide those plates, cups and pots. For now they sit on the table.  

The living room. Some of the rooms have these little clock faces on them.

The baby bunny in her nursery. There was a baby boy bunny but he was immediately lost in the shuffle. I keep looking between the couch cushions hoping to find him...

Little brother bunny in his room.

I stamped a doily on a white piece of paper and then cut it out and mod-podged it to the floor. These rugs are throughout the house.
I purchased this set for the furniture. Originally I planned on finding vintage furniture and re-painting it to make it new again, but I had a hard time finding pieces that weren't really expensive and also I had to think about durability for a 2 year old. 

So there it is. Elise really loves it, but I may love it more. I always wanted a dollhouse like this!

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  1. This is the house that Elise will remember her whole life. I love how bright and colorful and joyous it is, both vintage and modern. And clever, too, the way the best houses are, with materials meant for other things. That's the kind of house I love most. I love the vintage book papers in the attic, that's a beautiful idea. And it's a house a little girl can play with. Wonderful.