Monday, January 14, 2013

New Products

I have been working on a couple new jewelry ideas for the new year in my studio and I finally grabbed some photos of them the other day. I am excited to soon be offering rings and earrings to my product line. Both are still in the testing phases (which means I make some for myself, family and friends, wear them a while and work out the kinks or get feedback on improvements). Here are some of the new pieces in action! I would love to hear what you think!
Oh, and I took a lot of photos, so just be prepared!

The ring is my favorite! So fun!

Big thanks to my super special, ever enthusiastic, models. 
I hope you like them- do you? I encourage constructive criticism and ideas!


  1. I do! Very very much. They're like harvesting a tiny bit of the world below the surface, and valuing the fragments for their natural beauty, as opposed to making the quartz conform completely. That's my favorite kind of thing. Do debut them!

  2. Thanks Amy! They certainly are fun to make- I don't know if I could resist if I tried!