Friday, November 23, 2012

Playing With Light

While I had Jacob "posed" for his 3 month shots, I decided to play with light. This is a concept I have been working with in my photography that I find really difficult. Good photographers look at how the light hits their subject when composing their photograph. Usually my photographs are made from a quick opportunity and I don't have the chance to think about light too much. But Jake is stuck where I place him, so I got a chance to look at light and where it was hitting his face.
Here is what I ended up with:

My personal favorite. Mostly because I can see myself really well in his eyes, which means I got something right in the settings!

I only shoot in manual mode, which is a struggle in itself. They say practice makes perfect, so here I am- practicing away. In a few short months this guy will be moving like his sister, so I better get my shots in while I can. Do you have any critiques or useful tips for me? I am a willing student.

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