Monday, November 12, 2012


My sweet girl has been working on these puzzles for a while and she finally figured them out. She used to need a little help and would get frustrated sometimes. We put them away for a month and then when I pulled them out again and BAM she figured it out in less than a minute. I walked out of the room and came back and she was putting the last pieces in. I was pretty floored at how much difference a month can make to a toddler.

It is interesting to see how she does a puzzle differently than we do. She would try all sides even when it was obvious it didn't fit. She wouldn't get frustrated, but it was like she had to try everything just to be sure.

Side note: can I just say how happy I am that she still has those hand dimples? I think when those go away I will be so sad. My baby will no longer be a baby.

Another difference was that when she was trying all the sides she would sometimes turn the entire puzzle instead of the smaller piece. The puzzle would sometimes break apart and she would have to start all over again. Annoying for sure! But not this time- this time she just fit them in perfectly.
Here is a link to the puzzle she is doing. Perfect for a little one learning hand eye coordination. It says for ages 3+, but we started with her around 20 months. She couldn't do them by herself right away, but it was fun to practice! Now at almost 2 years she has mastered those and moved on to bigger puzzles.

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